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9 anime things that Astro Boy did first
Anime series don't come much bigger or more iconic than the 1960s show Astro Boy. Astro Boy, known in Japan as Tetsuwan Atom, did not emerge fully formed as an animated cartoon. His origin stems from a manga series by Japan's "God of Manga," Osamu ...

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Estudio responsable de Astroboy y Black Jack lidera lista de invitados al Festival Chilemonos
... los 120 años de amistad entre Chile y Japón, el estudio nipón realizará una clase magistral dictada por Yoshihiro Shimizu; en ella el productor hará un recorrido por las diferentes producciones del estudio, incluyendo su más representativa obra ...

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Ghost in the Shell: Before the movie, how the manga and anime reinvented cyberpunk fiction
By 1989, the studio had released My Neighbour Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies;Super Mario Bros., Astro Boy, and Akira had become super successes worldwide, and Nintendo had come of age. Steampunk animation and the growing popularity of science ...
'Ghost in the Shell' disappoints critics, audiences alikeGeekReply (press release) (blog)
For Scarlett Johansson, There Was Nothing Easy About 'Ghost In The Shell'Bustle

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